Fuel Drain on a Renault Scenic in Shropshire

“Colin” lived in a beautiful village in rural Shropshire, the following day he was jetting off to an equally beautiful village in Tuscany along with his family, for a much needed and much anticipated break in sunny Italy. Unfortunately his vehicle and four suitcases of luggage were sat on a petrol station 10 miles away, it was a late, dark, cold February evening.

“Action Stations” I immediately phoned the customer to reassure him that I was on my way and that I would collect 25 litres of diesel and pick him up from his home on-route to his vehicle, (ETA 45 minutes). Colin expressed how extremely relieved and grateful he was and astonished at the high level of service being provided.

We arrived at the now closed petrol station to find both Colin’s Renault Scenic and all of his luggage thankfully still in tact. I immediately set about the job in hand, the drain ran like clockwork and with tank drained and lines flushed Colin was soon heading home to get a sound nights sleep before his eagerly awaited morning’s adventure.